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Health Coach Program

Self-Management Programs

The Self-Management Health Coach Program is a free, telephone-based coaching program to support people living with chronic conditions to become better self-managers.

What happens in the program?

Health Coaches and participants are paired based on gender, age and/or shared chronic health condition(s).

Coaches connect with participants by telephone, once a week for 30 minutes, for a period of three months to support participants who would like to:

  • Choose goals and actions they want to take to better manage their health
  • Identify and problem-solve barriers to being healthier
  • Become more self-confident
  • Be motivated to initiate and maintain health-behaviour changes

Health Coaches provide a dimension of support that complements and enhances professional health care; they do not provide medical or clinical advice or treatment.  The Health Coach and the participant each receive a copy of the "Living a Healthy Life" book to use during the three months.

Who can participate?

This program is open to adults of all ages who are experiencing difficulty in managing their health. For many  coping with chronic health conditions can be extremely trying. Fatigue, pain, breathing difficulties, sleeping problems, loss of energy, activity limitation, depression and anxiety about the future are common and participants may benefit from having the extra support person in the form of a Health Coach to face the daily challenges of living with chronic conditions.

Who are the coaches?

All Coaches have successfully completed a two-day training on coach skills and self-management strategies.  They may have chronic conditions or have loved ones with chronic conditions and receive regular support from the Health Coach program team.

What participants are saying about the program: 

"Having a coach monitor your progress helps to maintain the discipline required to "stay the course". While I still indulge occasionally, I have managed to stave off the cravings associated with a change in eating habits and discovered that many go through the same process. I have managed to lose approximately 12 pounds over the last three months - a milestone that helps to reinforce the new habits and make it easier to exercise. As a lawyer I enjoy doing research and the Healthy Life guidebook is most informative. I am still working through the guide but made sure to read the chapters on healthy eating as this is where most help was needed."

How do I get involved?

To receive a coach, please join our Waitlist by filling in your information here and someone from the Health Coach team will connect with you shortly.

To become a coach, visit the "Become a Volunteer" web page.