Health Coach Program

Gain knowledge + skills + confidence
Self-Management Programs

The Self-Management Health Coach Program is a free, telephone-based program that supports BC adults who are experiencing difficulty managing their health.

Trained peer coaches connect with you by telephone for 3 months once a week for 30 minutes. They support you in working towards better managing your health by helping you:

  • Determine goals and actions you want to take
  • Identify barriers and learn problem-solving skills
  • Become more motivated to initiate and maintain health-behaviour changes

Peer Health Coaches provide support that complements and enhances professional health care; they do not provide medical/clinical advice or treatment.

How do I receive a peer health coach?

To receive a peer health coach we require that you sign and date the Participant Consent Form and


You can scan or take a photo of your signed Participant Consent Form and email it to smhcoach@uvic.ca. If you are not able to print the form please call toll-free 1-866-902-3767 and request the Participant Consent Form be mailed to you.

What participants are saying: 

“I am so thankful for having someone so on my side!”

“My coach helped me immensely in staying focussed and committed to my health goals”.