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Current Research Projects
Title: The Role and Effectiveness of Diabetes Coaches in British Columbia
The Lawson Foundation (Sept 2014 to September 2017).
This project is now COMPLETED and the evaluation is available by visiting the "Past Research Projects" section of the website.

This project will evaluate the feasibility, viability, and effectiveness of using peer health coaches to assist people with type 2 diabetes who are experiencing challenges in managing their disease. Subjects, recruited from Diabetes Health Centres and the general public, will receive a health coach for a period of six months. Measurements will be taken at 3 time points: at baseline, at six-months, and at 12-months. Near the completion of the study, focus groups and individual interviews will be conducted with stakeholder groups.
Outcome Measures:
Outcome measure will be:
- Patient activation level
- Subjects' A1C level
- Diabetes empowerment
- Self-efficacy to manage diabetes
- Self-efficacy to manage disease in general
- Self-reported health
- Fatigue
- Pain
- Depression
- Communication with physician
- Medication adherence
- Health literacy
- Self-reported emergency department visits and nights in hospitals
This project will take place within the Fraser Health Region of British Columbia. The Centre on Aging has a long history of volunteer management in implementing self-management programs in the community. The project is now closed for recruitment. The evaluation is currently being conducted and results will be shared after September 2017.
Study proposal references 
Principal Investigator
Patrick McGowan, PhD, University of Victoria - Centre on Aging