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Patrick McGowan, PhD
Professor, University of Victoria School of Public Health and Social Policy

Patrick joined the University of Victoria in January of 2002 and directs Self-Management BC. His background experience has been in health promotion research, administration, social planning and consulting. During the last 30 years his main focus has been on investigating implementation of best practices and effectiveness with health education programs for persons experiencing chronic health conditions, particularly self-management programs and strategies.
Phone: (604) 940-3574 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767
Jagdev Bains, MPE, MA, BSc
Coordinator, South Asian Self-Management Programs

Jagdev (Jay) joined the University of Victoria in May of 2009 and coordinates South Asian Self-Management Programs. His background experience has been in employment counseling, job mentoring, recruiting and training volunteers. He is a professional immigrant from India with background experience in the field of sports science and coaching focussing on health educaiton and skill training. Currently Jay is pursuing doctoral studies at Visva-Bharati Univversity, Santiniketan, India.
Phone: (604) 763-6523 (cell), (604) 940-8967 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767 
Lana Barry, BA, BEd, MEd
Coordinator, Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program
Lana has been involved with the University of Victoria Self-Management programs since 2012; first as a participant and then as a leader. Her background experience has been in English education, ESL, curriculum development, life coaching, research and development, and recruitment. Lana understands self-management personally and professionally and is passionate about helping people better their health and their lives.

Phone: (604) 940-6585 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767

Becca Bastien, BA, Dip. Admin Assistant, Dip. Theatre
Project Support

Becca joined the University of Victoria in July 2017 and works as a Project Support Assistant. She has several years of experience in administration and as an office manager with the Vancouver Independent School System. Becca has been a Volunteer Coordinator/Front of House Manager for Gateway Theatre as well as a volunteer with a variety of nonprofit organizations. Becca believes in the importance of self-management programs which have greatly made a difference in her own life. 
Phone: (604) 940-1273 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767
Rhonda Carriere, MA
Coordinator, Fraser Self-Management Programs

Rhonda joined the University of Victoria in September 2008 as a Program Coordinator for Self-Management BC. Her background experience is in the area of post-secondary program administration, public education and advocacy around Indigenous issues and with various non-profit organizations. She is passionate about living a healthy life, and especially enjoys working with the wonderful volunteers and communities of the Fraser South region.

Phone: (604) 940-6380 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767 
June Clearsky, Associate of Arts, Institute of Indigenous Government
Coordinator, Indigenous Provincial Self-Management Programs
June joined the University of Victoria as a volunteer leader in 2009 and began working as the Indigenous Liaison in July of 2010. She has worked in Indigenous communities for the past 20 years and has extensive knowledge of Indigenous peoples in Canada. June has a passion for achieving wellness through the Lomilomi Massage (Hawaiian Massage) and is currently pursuing further education. She also works in the Fraser North region.

Phone: (604) 940-6950 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767  
Mark Davies, BA
Senior Coordinator, Vancouver Island Self-Management Programs
Mark joined the University of Victoria in January 2002 and is the Senior Coordinator, with primary responsibility for Vancouver Island. Mark brings over 20 years of banking and customer service experience to this position.
Phone: (604) 940-3580 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767  
Julieta Gerbrandt, MSc
Qualitative Researcher
Julieta joined the University of Victoria in September of 2014 and is the Qualitative Researcher. Her graduate thesis focused on human nutrition and food security of people living with disabilities. Her background experience has been in health promotion research projects that focus on gender or economic status as social determinants of health. Julieta is currently responsible for the qualitative research branch of the Diabetes Health Coach Study.

Phone: 604-940-9424 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767
Karen Hannah, BA, BSW
Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal Self-Management Programs
Karen's initial involvement with University of Victoria's Self-Management Programs was as a participant, volunteer Leader and Master Trainer. She has been a Coordinator since 2001, currently for the Vancouver Coastal region. As a T-Trainer for CDSMP, CPSMP, DSMP and CTS programs, she has delivered trainings across Canada and in the US. Her previous experience includes 20 years of community resource development, and delivering health and social service programs in remote and culturally diverse communities.
Phone: (604) 940-3568 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767  
Suzanne Harmandian, RSA Dip Bus Studies
Program Assistant, Health Coach Program
Suzanne joined the University of Victoria in 2009 after 20 years working in legal offices in British Columbia and England. Suzanne offers an extensive background in administrative skills and is currently working as a Research Assistant as well as providing administrative support for all aspects of the office including the new Self-Management Health Coach Program launched in September, 2016.  
Phone: (604) 940-8973 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767
Lisa Herriot, BA
Project Support 
Lisa joined the University of Victoria in 2013. She provides administrative support to the Coordinators at the Ladner Office, as well as managing inquiries and registrations for our programs. Lisa brings to this role many years of experience working in a non-profit environment. She is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning. 
Phone: (604) 940-1273 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767
Navah Jacobs, CDA, DipDH, BScDH
Research Assistant and Data Coordinator
Navah's experience in the health science field over the past 30 years has included clinical practice and teaching undergraduate students. Navah's degree included a focus on statistics, epidemiology, and public health programs. Previous volunteer experience includes a focus on the geriatric sector where Navah provided cognitive support and music therapy to non-ambulatory patients in care.
Phone: (604) 940-8926 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767 
Courtney Kang, MD, MPH
Coordinator, Chinese Self-Management Programs

Courtney has been working in this position since September 2010. Her previous training and working experience were mostly around health care, health research and higher education. After years of researching on the measurement of health-related qualitify of life, Courtney now enjoys implementing self-management programs among Mandarin/Cantonese-speaking people in the Lower Mainland as these evidence-based programs are truly effective in improving people's health and quality of life.
Phone: (604) 940-8967 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767

Naida Khan, BBA, MBA
Project Support
Naida joined the University of Victoria in June 2017 and works as a Project Support Assistant. Her background in the non-profit sector includes resource development and coordination for social service and health promotion organizations. Naida has volunteered with legal, sport and education organizations and enjoys working with others who are passionate about creating positive change.
PHone: (604) 940-9796 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767

Sofia Khouw, MPsych
Coordinator, Self-Management Health Coach Program
Sofia has been involved with the program since 2014 as a volunteer leader for various self-management programs. Her background includes working as a psychologist and care coordinator in the non-profit health sector in Australia prior to immigrating to British Columbia. She is passionate to help people living with chronic health conditions improve their adherence to lifestyle and behavioural change.
Phone: (604) 940-3573 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767
Charles Labun, BSc (HON)
Coordinator, Interior Self-Management Programs
Charles joined the University of Victoria in April 2016. His background experience includes: adult and medical education, career and health coaching, concept development for research and development, training and Board work for non-profit organizations. Over the last 20 years his main focus has been on working in an educational capacity with physicians and patients and volunteering as a Board member in the charitable and non-profit sector.

Phone: (604) 946-0521 or toll-free1-866-902-3767
Sherry Lynch, BA, MSW
Research Associate

Sherry joined the University of Victoria in September 2003 and works as a Research Associate. Her background experience is in psychology and social work. Prior to joining the University of Victoria, she had 14 years experience with non-profit societies and health care agencies, specifically in the area of volunteer management. Her involvement in self-management programs began in 1989 with the implemention of the Arthritis Self-Management Program in Canada.
Phone: (604) 940-3572 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767 
Ginette McLennan, BA, BEd
Project Support
Ginette joined the University of Victoria in September 2008 and is primarily responsible for maintaining an inventory of program materials, and all shipping and receiving throughout the province for self-management programs. Ginette brings several years of experience coordinating community volunteer activities throughout the province.
Phone: (604) 940-8924 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767  
John Murphy
Coordinator, Northern Self-Management Programs
John joined the University of Victoria in April 2015 and coordinates programs for the Northern Health Region. His professional background includes 30 years of senior management, business systems and technology experience with major corporations and consulting firms. John also has 20 years of varied volunteer experience with non-profit organizations that includes 3 years as a volunteer Chronic Pain Self-Management Program Leader and Master Trainer prior to joining the University of Victoria as a staff member.
Phone: (604) 946-4450 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767

Louise Rolland, DCH, AIEHP, DBA
Office Manager and Coordinator, Sunshine Coast Self-Management Programs

Louise joined the University of Victoria as Office Manager and Program Coordinator for the Sunshine Coast Region in 2011. She had been a Volunteer Leader and Master Trainer since 2006. Her background in health care, the criminal justice system, and social programs have proven to be an asset. Focusing on healing arts, self-management concepts and the opportunity to administer our programs fulfill her lifelong passion to help others.
Phone: (604) 940-8945 or toll-free 1-866-902-3767