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Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program

What is the Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program?
The Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program is a fun and practical online workshop which can help people with chronic conditions overcome daily challenges and maintain an active, fulfilling life. Participants learn about healthier ways to live, gain confidence and motivation to manage their health, and feel more positive about their lives. They are provided with information, strategies and techniques so they will have the tools they need to help themselves.
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Who can participate?
BC residents with all levels of computer skills, who are experiencing chronic conditions. Caregivers, friends and family members are also welcome.
What does it cost to participate?
It is FREE to participants, and participants receive the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions course book.

What happens in the workshop?
Workshops are easy to follow and take place entirely online. Participants can participate using any computer with an Internet connection, even a dial-up connection. With up to 25 people in each workshop group, interactive sessions are posted each week for six weeks. Participants log on at their convenience two or three times a week for a total of about two hours a week. Participants can remain anonymous and everything takes place on a dedicated, secure website. Participants set their own goals and make a step-by-step action plan to help them feel better and start doing the things they want to do again.

Who leads the workshops?
The workshop is led by two trained Online Facilitators. Many of the Online Facilitators have chronic conditions themselves.

Who developed the program?
The Online Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program is a licensed program developed and researched at Stanford University. It follows a standardized format that is proven to help people learn to better manage symptoms. It is considered a best practice program in self-management.

What participants are saying about the program:
Goodness, I am so grateful to have a computer, have internet access and can read and type! Awesome! Even though we have our struggles, we are all connected. Our world is opening up, we are meeting people from all over B.C., from all walks of life, struggling with their health issues and yet we can become a compassionate "online friend" to help each other. How great is that?!

How do I get involved?
Step 1: To register online for this program, please click here and fill in your contact details under ‘Want to Sign Up for a Workshop?’  See the image below on where to register.
Step 2: Once you are registered and have a username and password, please click here and enter your username and password. See the image below on where to enter your username and password.
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